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MHC Scope of Services
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Material Handling Consultants, Inc. is a World Class industrial engineering firm which specializes in the planning, design, integration, and implementation systems for the manufacturing, transportation, and distribution industries. 



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Project Planning 

        System Designers 

                Project Managers 

                        System Integrators 

Typically, our services to clients begin with conceptual planning services and continue through implementation and start up.  We supply, as needed by our clients, any or all of the services that are required to implement the plans we develop, including detailed concept design, simulation, financial analysis, equipment performance specifications development, workforce training, procurement assistance, supplier oversight, installation assistance, systems integration, engineering design, environmental services, construction management, design/build, and even operations outsourcing.  

We want to be there with your team to do what is necessary to implement solutions that will help to make your project successful. 


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Inductive Methods Integration Survey

The purpose of this survey is to quickly and efficiently analyze various elements of an existing operation and determine how effectively these evolving processes and variety of different generations of technology have been blended together to serve management’s best interests . . .


Material Handling Consultants has developed an innovative MiniStudy approach to provide a quick and effective way to determine a project’s viability . . .

Independent Systems Integrator

Material Handling Consultants, Inc. has developed a program that permits smaller companies to gain some of the same  advantages possessed by the larger organizations . . . our Independent Systems Integrator program . . .


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