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Material Handling Consultants, Inc. is a World Class industrial engineering firm which specializes in the planning, design, integration, and implementation systems for the manufacturing, transportation, and distribution industries. 



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Company Profile

Material Handling Consultants is a World Class industrial engineering consulting firm which specializes in the planning, design, integration, and implementation of systems for the  manufacturing, transportation, and distribution industries. 

Mission Statement We serve, to represent our clients best interests by offering our exceptional knowledge of the manufacturing, transportation, and distribution industries. We offer our experienced advisory and project managers to our clients so that they may better command the outcome of their capital investments. 
Our Approach  Typically, our services to clients begin with conceptual planning services and continue through implementation and start up.  We supply, as needed by our clients, any or all of the services that are required to implement the plans we develop, including detailed concept design, simulation, financial analysis, equipment performance specifications development, workforce training, procurement assistance, supplier oversight, installation assistance, systems integration, engineering design, environmental services, construction management, design/build, and even operations outsourcing.  

We want to be there with your team to do what is necessary to implement solutions that will help to make your project successful.  Having successful clients has brought us continuing success. 

Our Focus  We focus on the process by which you run your business. Every operation is dependent upon the integration of six major elements of the Enterprise, including: 
  • Facility 

    • Size

    • Configuration

    • Operational Layout

  • Operational Processes 

    • Procedures

    • Execution Effectiveness 

  • Software 

    • Business 

    • Order Processing 

    • Inventory Management

    • Shop Floor Management 

    • Cross Compatibility  

  • Mechanical & Electrical Equipmen

    • Computer Systems  

    • Material Handling Systems

    • Storage Systems 

    • Data Collection Systems 

  • Management Objectives 

    • Strategic Planning 

    • Long Range Planning 

    • Quality Objectives

    • Profit Objectives 

    • Growth Objectives 

  • Personnel 

    • Capabilities  

    • Training  

    • Supervisory Effectiveness  

    • Communications 

Incremental improvements made over time influence the effectiveness of an operation. An improvement in any one of the six major elements affects the Enterprise. Many small  improvements made over a period of time can actually reduce operation efficiencies of the Enterprise. It may happen so slowly that it becomes nearly impossible to detect.  

We must be sure of the effects a change may have upon other activities within the facility and how they may impact the upstream and downstream operational processes. 

We must ask if the existing software packages can support the change. 

We must determine if  the mechanical and electrical equipment support the increased productivity.

We must be sure any solution supports management's objectives. 

We must be absolutely sure a solution is within the technical capabilities of the people charged with producing the end result.   

Our Objectives  Our primary objective is to eliminate waste! 
  1. We must understand the client's process 
  2. We must "recognize the minimum requirement"   
  3. Reduce human effort 
  4. Improve operator efficiency 
  5. Eliminate the opportunity for mistakes 
  6. Reduce material handling 
  7. Reduce inventory 
  8. Reduce work in process 
  9. Design to eliminate unnecessary capital equipment 
  10. Improve reliability 
  11. Simplify the process 
  12. Improve information flow 
  13. Increase inventory turns 
  14. Reduce reaction time 
  15. Improve quality through process improvements 
  16. Improve the client's bottom line 
Our Desired Outcome  

  A satisfied client!


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